Riding a e-bike through Havana

Riding a e-bike through Havana

People call Havana the Wonder City. They say nothing can compare walking through old Havana streets, the Revolutionary Square or maybe taking a classic car tour inside the cosmopolitan parts of Vedado and Miramar. The truth is, one can easily discover Havana either way and fall in love with its amazing sceneries. However, there are people who would rather take a different way and go for something more daring, like riding a bike through the city, this way they would get to the most unexpected, magical and different corners of the city, they may never get to see if driving a car or simply walking.

It takes a lot of energy and a very determined mind to discover Havana's deep corners on a bike ride. Maybe going on an e-bike would be the best choice, is very easy to ride, a lot faster and one gets less tired, which means the tours can be longer and take up a larger number of places.

A bike tour around Havana holds the same appeal as any other way to discover this fascinating city: a chance to witness the people, their day to day lives and their habits. Cuba is a place where the Spanish and American influence can be seen, the sun, the salsa and the Cuban traditions have created a special blend of cultures as potent as the rum and the cigars they so proudly advertise.

There are added rewards for bikers in the empty roads around the city than can have little traffic and very interesting settings, surrounded by the folklore of the undergrounds neighborhoods of Havana Center or the nature from the countryside. Once outside the city, the tropical evergreen Cuban countryside can be heard almost as soon as it can be seen.

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You do not need to be be a super-fit biker to join in either route. Havana's compact size means distances between places are never that long, allowing you to cycle around the city to mountains to beach quite easily.

The main idea behind a bike tour is simple: you just have to go for it. It has to be Havana and it has to be bike. The time flies, the locations are never the same, there is always something to see, something to experience, and countless photographs can be taken. Exercise is guarantee and technologie has has made these rides even more endurable (in case you are not an experienced biker) by allowing you to choose an e-bike for this experience. It's all about the city, but also about the bike. These models worked with and assisted mechanism with an engine that takes a portion of the pedaling strength, can be charged in only 3 hours, have night lighting and are totally customizable according to weight and .

The most ideal experience is hidden behind those e-bikes tours, mainly beacuse the routes can be completly diverse and unexpected, not to mention the freedom of going on it cycling. One can enjoy the worm weather and still get the fresh air of the road, take closers looks into nature, talk and mingle with the locals, excersie, stop for tipical Cuban beers and snacks, but most importantly, one can hold on to the adrenaline behind riding through the city and make it our own.height.